Creative presentation regarding the Gucci x GQ project, was selected to present to the project's representative.
The Pen portrait section is presented as a one-week diary containing various things to show the person's personas, such as quotes, CDs, Gucci purchased invoices, and fragrances.

Gucci's branding and marketing strategy as a group project, presented as a creative report.

The report required in-dept searching based on the luxury alchemist theory as following;
(1) The brand's history and overview
(2) Competitor analysis with POP and POD theories
(3) Brand architecture
(4) Brand leverage (in-lined brand and product range)
(5) Collaboration
(6) Lisencing
(7) Distribution as onmi-channel
(8) Brand equity. 
(9) Promotion recomendation in both online and offline channels

Below is the example of the work.