The cult of beauty experimentation.

  1. RealSelf 
    Beyond the darkest alley where the shine creature goes.

  2. Potion
    Late night conversations, electric emotions, sprinkle with little of potions.



    No longer wait for manicure, simply create it in a virtual world.



    3D modeling and anamation for dimension presenting.

    1. Installing
      So are we in Web3 yet?

    2. Sleepy hollow
      'Cause since you left I haven't drawn a single breath.

    SIREN (2022)

    Siren interrupts the sirens.

    The Sin Lady (2022)

    The hannya lady is here to sin. Inspired by the Hanna mask that represents a jealous female demon. Combining with traditional Japanese elements and sci-fi essence.
    HEAVN (2022)

    Observing your own existence.

    Opulence, baby (2022)

    A wisp of shimmer hung in the air. 
    An purplish  fur goes with any shoes.
    Aesthetic Institute (2022)

    zu zu zu zu
    The future of aesthetic surgery.



    1. Redden
      Sun is shining tonight. 
      The sun, the moon, the city lights.

    2. Day Dreaming
      In a city that lives while its bright stars die.



      Various creatures in different characteristics and  individual stories.

      1. Slimelight
        Running through darkness
        (51°31'57.5"N 0°06'17.6”W)

      2. Naughty Nymph
        Tinkerbell, tinker-hell, ménage me like a carousel. 
        Juicy ass DSL, I'll make you wet like Ariel.

      3. Intimacy
        There’s parallel assassins hiding in plain sight.
        You look so tiny to me.

      4. Moth
        All good things to those who wait.

      Visual Elements


       The depiction of lavish visuals and entertaining performances.

      1. Inferno
        Dancing in a burning room.

      2. Whole Lot of Glam
        Underneath the city lights where rules don’t apply, and you can’t keep a good girl down. 

        Models of Human


        A 3D simulated generation in parallelism with variations of characters and messages, presenting with AI animated.
        They are here for disturbing the peace 🖖🏼 

        Parallel Reality


        Alternative universe with  hypothetical concept in different scenarios.

        1. Haus of Chaos
          Together we’re sleepless, cause an alien mistress is here to disrupt the night.

        2. Xstasy
          The normalised of this sexy stuff with pretty shapes and colours are all over online. As the self-care tools, as it’s human nature action, and now it’s instagrammable.

        3. Sledgehammer
          “I gathered all my strength and I found myself whole.”


        An experimental of AR  in a real-world environment for digital excitement. 

        Being inspired by the advertisement of these sexy tools on a fashion e-commerce platform.
        It's how they normalise open communication about sexual wellness and encourage individuals to explore their personal pleasure.

        Optimist in Black


                Milk Bar