Visual Merchandise Experience for UNIQLO


Objective & Responsibility
Visualise the store image with mannequin styling, display and layout suggestions. Based on the concept of the brand ‘LifeWear’ and the company's guideline for pushing the company’s focus items on each season. Also, adapting to the local customer target of the store which is in the middle age to elder. 

Lifewear table SS23 collection, showing the matching colour looks of menswear and womenswear following the guideline.

Mannequin groups on each section (as definite by the company) in order to provide an impact impression on customers and maximise the floor space.
 Clothing racks are added to eneable the most convenient way for customers to buy product.
Sanrio group presenting unisex t-shirt. 
Blouse section showing women shirt and blouse in various texture and collection concept of layering. 
Printed shirt presented with a whole look offered on a clothing rack.
Work wear in both men and women. 
Impact of red on Chinese new year with the items from SS23. 

Kids mannequin group is presenting in both colour ways; a certain scheme and vivid colours of mixed items for playful atmosphere.


Lifewear table for the transition of spring to summer 2023 
Presenting essential items of spring season such as linen shirt, open collar shirt, and bomber jacket in relaxed casual. 

*The pictures shown are during the process of layout change after the store closed.

Display on wallbay presenting product’s colour range and matched items to visualise looks of style. 

Individual torso and mannequin present a specific product on each fixture.
The products selected by the following; (1) new item, (2) best selling item & colour, (3) product the store want to sell or show

Loungewear & Homewear -
Add an inner layer to present the styling of pyjamas set wearing for outside.
 An A-side fixture showing the dress’ patterns, and the mannequin showing the new item as work wear. 
The torsos are presenting new items, and adding clothing rack alongside a fixture to show products’ mix and match.